Giving up smoking

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This is my first blog post and I thought what better way to start than to begin with writing I HAVE NOT SMOKED IN 1 WHOLE WEEK! This is a big thing for me as I have smoked for 15 years. It has actually not been too bad. My main reason for stopping has been because my insulin sensitivity had dramatically decreased over the last 5 years and I have tried to pin point why and I think stopping smoking is the answer. I am about to embark on a week long juice fast, I have done one of these before and I was able to manage my blood sugars really well and I loved the effect it had on my moods and general wellbeing! I always have at least one juice a day as it’s a great way for your body to receive all of the nutrients that are needed. I will make sure I give you an update. I really hope you enjoy my blog. I make really great meat/dairy/gluten free food so have tons of recipes that I will be sharing with you all! Happy New Year!


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