Skin Purifiers


The skin is the bodies largest and fastest growing organ and is the window to our entire body. I have always had Rosacea and my cheeks turn pink at the slightest thing. A few years ago it got really bad and my whole body became quite red, especially my arms and legs. I noticed my cheeks were hot and red 90% of the time and I became so embarrassed about it that I became nervous when I went out as people would always comment.  So I began researching products that purify your skin and improve the overall appearance.

Birch Juice: 2015-01-10 08-42-13

Birch Water/Sap is extracted from a birch tree such as a North American Sweet Birch or a silver birch. The Weleda Birch juice has lemon added to it to make it taste a little nicer! I first used Birch Juice after a 5 day juice detox as my skin was still getting quite hot and red. I attended a Weleda Training day with work and was overwhelmed by a company that are not only 100% sustainable and in harmony with nature but they have over 2500 products that are made from plant based raw materials and you can shop by plant which is amazing once you know what works for your skin! I was introduced to Birch Juice at this training day and started adding 3 tablespoons a day to my daily 2 litre bottle of water. Birch helps to eliminate toxins from your liver, Weleda suggest you take this every day for 3-6 weeks and then have a break. I noticed within 3 days that my skin was brighter, clearer cooler.

Chaga Mushrooms:


Chaga mushroom are a fungal parasite which draws its nutrients out of living Birch Trees rather than the ground. Hence why I love Chaga mushrooms so much as these also have helped to purify my skin. They are know to calm the nervous system, stimulate the immune system, have a positive effect against lung and liver cancer and also help to reduce blood sugars! You are able to buy Chaga in many forms but I prefer to use it in powered form and have a “shot” of it upon waking, mixed with water.



For years I went along not listening to anyone about drinking enough water. I now drink 2-3 litres a day. It naturally detoxes your system, our kidneys which filter waste products from the blood before turning it into urine will quickly feel the benefits, drinking water also helps digestion, eliminates headaches and helps brain function (since are brain is 73% water). WATER MAKES YOUR SKIN GLOW.



I discovered this on another training day by a company called Tree Of Life. As you can see from the diagram above, per tablespoon this is how packed full of nutrients the Moringa superleaf is! Moringa is a vitamin treasure trove the amounts of beta carotene, Vitamin C and E found in Moringa exceed those amounts commonly found in most other plants. I add a tablespoon to my juice every morning and it keeps my skin looking nice and healthy!

There are so many more products and foods that I could tell you about but these are the ones that work best for me. I will post later on about an amazing avocado face mask that I do!

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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