Cinnamon and Diabetes


For a number of years my body has not seemed to respond to my insulin in the way that it used to. When I first went to the doctors about this they gave me some metformin and sent me on my way. I was quite unwell when I began taking metformin. It gives you an awful stomach and is basically just another drug which messes with the rest of your organs in your body (mainly your liver). I keep to a very low carb diet as I often find the spikes in my blood sugars quite unmanageable. I often find that I will wait for 20 minutes after injecting my Humalog and for my blood sugars to be at around 4 before I eat anything starchy. Whilst on holiday this year my blood sugars were very high (most people seem to get low on blood sugar in the heat but mine were quite high). I couldnt get them under 14 and was getting quite fed up. I had taken a pot of cinnamon on holiday to put in my infamous avocado desserts and I remembered a guy from Planet Organic that I had worked with saying that his diabetic friends had used cinnamon to lower their blood sugars. One night my blood sugars were 17 and all I had had to eat was an avocado and lots and lots of water throughout the day, I saw the pot of cinnamon on the side and thought I might as well give it a go as I had not tried it before. I put a teaspoon into a glass of water, glugged it down and went to sleep. I awoke at 5am with a familiar feeling; shaky legs/fuzzy-confused head and the feeling that I didn’t want to get out of bed. A HYPO. My first hypo all holiday and thought this must be a coincidence. No way had this teaspoon of a spice lowered my blood sugars! But it had. I have been testing out this beautiful spice for the last week. Having half a teaspoon before a meal/drink (depending on how many carbs it contains). The way in which cinnamon works is by slowing down the rate in which your stomach empties, therefore stopping those blood sugar spikes. Cinnamon has been proven time and time again (in peer reviewed research) to rebalance blood sugars (as well as delaying stomach emptying it increases insulin sensitivity) and I find this absolutely fascinating. Cinnamon is good for lots of other ailments too. It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, helps with nausea and stomach upsets. Have any of you guys had any experience with natural blood sugar balancers like cinnamon or spirulina? I would love to hear from you!!!


One thought on “Cinnamon and Diabetes

  1. I’m not diabetic, but I use cinnamon daily. I’m not sure if I take a similar dosage as you… I just add a healthy shake to two coffees in the morning and to my yogurt bowls during the day. I started using it as a cancer preventative, but I grew to like it. So now it’s just part of my meal plan. Delighted to hear that it works with you so visibly! I will continue to use it :).


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